Yeah, NOTS, as in Nothin’s On The Square. Also as in the “Have Nots”, as in we have no safety in the city of Chicago. We have no say in the government. We have nobody to turn to when we realize most of the schools are shit, people are taxed up to their eyeballs, and nobody cares. NOTS, nada, nilch!

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We’ve been stuck with the nine digit midget as our Mayor since 2011. What has it wrought? Bond ratings are junk. City is on the brink of bankruptcy. And the homicide rate continues to climb. On May 16th Rahm will celebrate 7 years of his reign. Hey, who broke the mirror?

Just this year to date, over 800 people have been shot, with 160 total homicides. You can follow the bloody stats on my favorite website. Thanks Rahm.

There’s a line around the block of folks who want to run for Mayor: including former Police Commissioner Gary McCarthy, black philanthropist Dr. Willie Wilson, former CPS Principal Troy LaRaviere, President of the Chicago Police Board Lori Lightfoot, Tech wizard and Mt. Carmel alum Neal Sales-Griffin, Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer, and soon to be indicted Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown.

And last Wednesday Paul Vallas announced his candidacy at a press conference at the University Club. I was there.

Vallas cuts an impressive figure, especially compared to the Rahmster. He’s probably a good two feet taller than him for starters.

But on top of that, he comes across as a guy who knows what he’s talking about, he’s been there, and he knows what’s what. And he’s not slinging BS either, he’s a fact machine, loaded with stats, maybe too many of them, but for now it’s a refreshing breath of specifics

Vallas opened the press conference with a twenty-minute statement giving us his biography and then for almost the next hour he opened the floor up for questions, which he fielded with aplomb, humor, and authority.

Among the rapid fire pronouncements directed at Mayor Emanuel was this bon mot “People don’t like you! You’re a bully.”

Not exactly a news flash but so great to hear somebody stick it right in Rahm’s face. People do not trust this mayor and with plenty of very good reasons, which Vallas promises to articulate and specify over the course of the campaign, which he will take directly to the neighborhoods. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a guy who grew up in Roseland.

Chicago should sell tickets to watch Vallas debate Emanuel. We’re all looking forward to watching them mix it up in the court of public opinion. Can’t wait to see Vallas under the boards with elbows flying!

Take a look at this short clip from the press conference when Larry Yellin asks the big question.

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Fasten your seat belt Rahm, looks like you’re in for a bumpy ride!