Bloody Sunday in Chicago today, over 30 shootings, 4 murdered. Where is the Mayor? Out to lunch with his elite pals, hiding from the shit storm that is scheduled for September. Bridget Gainer has choked and decided not to enter the race, as of last week. Can’t say as I blame her. Who needs Rahm Emanuel unleashing his media dogs on you regarding parking tickets and whatever else they can conjure up to vilify all potential opponents. With his millions in campaign cash Rahm can really turn up the heat. It’s going to get pretty hot in the next six months leading up to the February mayoral election.

And jury selection on the Laquan McDonald cop killing case starts on September 5th. If history is any indication, look for our city to boil over when that verdict finally comes down, regardless of the outcome. Mayor Rahm obstructed justice in that one, covered up the video tape until after the election, threw his police superintendent under the bus, and waited it out. Can he do it again? Is there anybody in this city who would still vote for this asshole?The frightening answer is yes.

Hopefully there is someone among the challengers who is not intimidated by the evil emperor’s money and dirty tricks. Meanwhile we are doing this every weekend in Chicago.

Rahm just ignores it or trots out Eddie Johnson and we’re supposed to think that a bunch of morons marching down the Dan Ryan or Lake Shore Drive is actually going to make a difference?

We need a new Political Action Committee, ABR, ANYBODY BUT RAHM! This guy has GOT to go. The city of Chicago will never survive another 4 years of this guy.

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AND the body counts keeps growing on Monday Morning! Thanks Rahm!