Lots of fallout from the massive shooting sprees over the weekend on the South and West sides of this once great city. A paramedic pal of mine told a harrowing story of covering a shooting, when an angry mob shows up and attacks him and the only two cops who showed up. He’d been told all day that there just weren’t enough cops available for all the mayhem. Rumors spread about 400 cops pulled to work Lollapalooza instead of serving and protecting, because Rahm’s brother Ari owns Lollapafucka.

My paramedic pal tells me he got punched in the face and they tried to yank him away from the shooting victim who had a sucking wound in his throat. Nice. Total chaos.

Paul Vallas held a press conference to call on them to hire back retired detectives. They have one-third the number of detectives they did 10 years ago, balancing budgets by not replacing retirees, and are ramping back up with inexperienced detectives. Hire retirees to mentor, train and coordinate. Because of lack of detectives, only 17% of murders go to trial, LA is 65% and NY is 70%, and 9 out of 10 shootings and car jackings have no arrests. 74 people shot over the weekend, not one arrest.

Another guy told me he spoke with a man yesterday who’s sister’s son was killed, she told police who she thought did it and her other son was killed. And Emanuel and Johnson are calling on the people to help…when they can’t get the same fuckers off the street. A 17% murder clearance rate means that they have an 83% chance you’ll get away with killing someone. Unbelievable. We may hate Emanuel for many reasons, but for these alone he HAS to be removed.

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This is what Emanuel was doing on Saturday, on Sunday he was drinking wine at the river walk after announcing $10 million in additional renovations. The Tiny Dancer has priorities!

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